Watch out, he’s a lawyer!

I work at an membership based emergency road side assistance hotline, which means our services are suppose to be used by people on the roadside or at least have something mechanically wrong with their vehicle. Despite that we still get calls from people who want to use our services not for their intended use, such as moving cars that can’t be legally driven (No plates and such). To prevent this a requirement of having access to our services is that cars to have valid plates on them and a mechanical issue, all this is right in our ToS.

This guy calls in and he starts out by telling me this sob story about a charity and all the good work they do. He said he wanted to help them by donating one of his cars, I don’t quite recall exactly what kind of car it was but imagine a classic car from 60s or 70s and very expensive. He intended to have the car auctioned off and donate the money to the charity. He needed to have the car towed to the action house for sale.

Me: That sounds like a very noble thing of you to do, before I can go forward with the service request I just have a couple questions. Is there a mechanical issue with the vehicle?

Caller: Well it is an old car, can’t drive like newer ones. It’ll need some work done on it, the action house said they’d take of that though.

Me: I see. Does the vehicle have valid plates on it?

Caller: I haven’t been driving it so no.

Me: Well sir unfortunately we are not able to help you. We are emergency roadside and our services are not intended to be used in that way. As a condition of the membership vehicles need to have valid plates on them before we’ll service it.

Caller: Can’t you make an exception? I’m paying for this membership after all.

Me: I understand that sir, But I cannot make an exception for you. These are the rules that all our members must abide by.

Caller: That’s nonsense. I’m a lawyer and I know what I paid for. I was never told about this rule at all, I demand you put in my service request now!

Me: Sir, have you read our terms of service?

Caller: Are you putting in my request yet? I’m prepared to sue the pants off all of you if you don’t!

Me: Have you read our terms of service?

Caller: Why aren’t you doing what I tell you?

Me: Sir I’m going to ask you one more time. Have you read our terms of service?

Caller: Holy shit yes I did read your terms of fucking service!

Me: Then you should already be aware of the limitations of your membership. We will not tow vehicles that don’t have valid plates on them. However, if you could get temporary plates on the vehicle that would be fine and we would service it.

Caller: What’s the fucking point of getting temporary plates on a car I’m going to sell in a few days? Do you not realize I can sue you for failing to give me the service I paid for?

Me: I’m sorry for the situation your in sir, but your membership would not cover you in this specific instance. If you like I could refer you to one of our contractors who could tow your vehicle for a fee.

Caller: Fuck your contractors, this isn’t the last you lot will be hearing from me. I will sue the shit out of all of you!

Me: I wish you luck in court sir.

He hung up in a huff after that. Its been a few days, as far as I know he has not called back or started the process of suing us yet.

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