This shh is bananas!

Me, [C]aller, [O]ur [C]ustomer

M: thanks for calling ____, I’m InsuranceNerd, am I speaking with OC?

C: no, you’re speaking to someone acting as agent for OC.

M: oh great! What can I help with?

C: I need to cancel this service.

M: well shoot, I need his permission to make this kind of change, is he available?

C: no.

M: sorry then, I have to get his approval…

C: what if someone has a terminal disease or are in prison?

M: oh, well in that case we just need a POA or conservatorship to prove that you legally are able to act on his behalf.

C: cue an irritated recitation of Holla Back Girl

I googled him between calls. He killed someone in January and has been in jail ever since. That sh*t really is bananas, ma’am.

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