“You mean the internet needs electricity?”

I work for a company that provides internet and WiFi support in vacation homes. We’re not an ISP.

A customer called wanting to know why her internet wasn’t working. I’m able to see our routers remotely and this one has no IP address. I asked what lights were currently lit.

Customer: None. None of the lights are on

Me: Ok, is the modem and router plugged in to an outlet or power strip?

Customer: Yes but I’m having renovations done in that room so there’s no power.

Me: (after a light face palm) Well there’s the problem ma’am. As soon as power is restored your equipment will turn back on and you’ll have internet again.

Customer: The internet needs electricity? I thought it ran off the internet!

Me: (struggling to find words) Uh, yes ma’am. The modem and router are just like anything else. They need power to function.

I don’t know what distant future this customer came from but I hope for a day where the internet is a clean and renewable power source.

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