The box was empty!

I work in a boutique industry. A customer reaches out via email (sorry if this is the wrong sub but couldn’t find a better fit) from an international location and says the packaging for the product was empty upon receipt.

Weird. Never had that one before, but possible. The boxes are large, picture a computer bag and the product weighs several pounds, but we build overseas so possible.

Us: Why did you not notice in the store?

Them: Bought it online. Please send replacement as this is unacceptable.

Us: Okay send us a picture of the box with the date code, maybe we can see if something was noticed at the factory about that run.

Them: When the box was empty threw it away. Send replacement, really unacceptable I have to jump through hoops for this.

Us: Send us a receipt and we’ll reach out to the online retailer and if you’re a good customer we’ll see what we can do.

Again we’re a boutique industry, they’ll have a record of the person’s purchase history and will know if they are a generally good customer especially of our products.

Them: Don’t have one. Have you sent my replacement yet?

At this point it’s clear this is a scam, but was curious how far they would play it out and it’s possible there’s some language issues or something else going on.

Us: What do you mean you don’t have a receipt? How do you not have a receipt for an online purchase?

Them: can’t find it. Are you going to send a replacement now?

Us: Sorry we can’t help you without a receipt.

Them: Found receipt, now send replacement.

The receipt is from a retailer we don’t know and the receipt doesn’t have the product listed nor the date of purchase.

Us: Is there another page that shows the items you bought?

Them: No. Send replacement or I will no longer do business with your company!

When we reach out to the retailer we find they are out of business.

Us: The retailer is no longer in business and we cannot verify your purchase.

Them: unacceptable! You need to send a replacement!

Us: You want us to send a hundred dollar item to you with no physical evidence, a receipt from an out of business retailer that doesn’t even show that it was our product you purchased?

Them: yes and you’re really wasting my time here!

Us: we are not going to be able to help you, any further communication on this issue will not be replied to, have a nice day.

We then ignored the person’s subsequent email asking for replacements.

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