No, its pronounced "SKANK"

So this happened about a year or so ago. I work inbound for a large bank and specialize in past due credit cards. Sometimes we are so slammed that calls are back to back that we don’t get a breath between calls and its easy to overlook an account detail, especially if distracted by a customer speaking fast. The conversation isn’t verbatim, but I remembered the verification clearly. I am changing the customer’s first name for privacy sake.

Me: Thank you for calling (Large Bank), this is Me, can I have your first and last name?

Customer: (speaking very fast in a deep south accent) Mary Schenk. I need you to help me, my account is behind and I really need to use my card–

Me: Thank you for calling, Mrs. Shank, I can take a look into that for you–

Customer: (interrupts me suddenly and quite condescendingly) NO. ITS SKANK. S-C-H-E-N-K. ITS A FAMILY NAME. GOD, EVERYONE GETS IT WRONG!

Me: (blinks, pauses… looks at account again, sees S-C-H-E-N-K). Okaaaay…. I apologize for mispronouncing your name. Would you like me to document your account for you so we don’t make the same mistake again?

Customer: (scoffs) YES. I am tired of correcting you people!

Me: (Makes permanent note showing name is pronounced SKANK at customer’s request.) Alright, that has been updated.

Call proceeds as usual.

Some people just stick with you no matter what.

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