Getting Calls for Problems We Cannot Help With

Recently, my call center decided all the other departments help help with chat volume, so have farmed their chats out to us. The problem: They didn’t give us any of the tools or capabilities of other departments, so they wait and wait and wait to chat with us only to be told: “I cant help you, you should call the number.”

Example: I service the website (password resets/registration/site issues) but I’ll get endless chats asking to check an order/ place an order/provide device troubleshooting- none of which we have any tools to assist with. So in addition to my usual bullshit, i have an endless strea of chats of pissed off customers, who I can’t help, but can’t avoid!

I fucking hate this job, this whole industry. I hate customers, and I hate everything and everyone. I want to clock out for lunch and just never come back at all. Just go home, pet my dog, and pretend people aren’t miserable creatures for a day.

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