"Dont worry, I wont take my anger out on you."

I get this typical customer service call today and as the customer is telling me what happened with her order and what needed to be fixed, she says something along the lines of “I am a little upset about this, but I wont take my anger out on you. It’s not your fault.”

Now, the problem was that the agent that helped her placed the order misheard her and the item was going to the wrong address. She calls a second time, that agent fixes it, resends the item and leaves it at that. The third time she calls (my turn.) She says that she got an e-mail from FedEx saying that the item couldn’t be delivered.

I go into the account, verify that the address is correct and I check the tracking information and it says that it was pending. I even did more digging and for the life of me, couldn’t find why the item was pending.

I let the caller know this and say that the most I can do is just resend it because if the address is right, then it should get there on time. I even mention that it might have been an error on FedEx’s part for whatever reason. My system unfortunately wasn’t letting me know why.

This ray of sunshine then flips out on me, saying how resending the item isn’t going to do her much good and is just making her more upset.

Now, in situations like this, we are allowed to either resend the same item or replace it with a different one of equal value, or refund the customer their money. We aren’t really supposed to do both. But, since this woman was going on and on and just giving me so much shit and ranting for almost a solid 15 minutes, I told her I would resend the gift anyway and refund her the cost. Thankfully, that shut her up.

So the moral of the story kids: if a customer says they won’t take their anger out on you, THAT’S A DAMN LIE!!!

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