You’re not suppose to transfer here.

I take calls for a shipping company who just changed there policy for Christmas since on the previous year their year round policy does not work. Because of this change in policy a lot of customers are wanting to speak to a supervisor as they generally think we’re new and don’t know how to do our job. So, today, I get one of this skeptical customers so I have to patch them over to our escalations team which had recently sent an email to avoid transferring this calls to them which they’re the escalation team, they’re gonna get them anyways.

Anyways so this girl picks up, I explain everything to her. (I had tried to descalate, apologized to the customer multiple times and she still wanted to be patched to a supervisor.) And this girl from the escalations team, like if she was a customer, answered in the most obnoxious way, “You know you’re not suppose to transfer this calls to us.” I once again had to repeat everything I had done to try to descalate that can and a she kept saying was I wasn’t supposed to transfer.

Who on Earth do I transfer to then?! They want a supervisor not a regular costumer service agent! I honestly get more angry at other coworkers/agents then my customers !

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