Have they all died?

First post!

Customer calls through on main switchboard. They are very posh and very passive-aggressive. The epitome of a stereotypical British person.

Customer wants to talk to someone in our Accounting department. We only have 2 people in Accounts and they usually go to lunch at this time. I did double check, but, quelle surprise, they are at lunch.

Lucky me, I get to tell Customer.

Me: “Sorry, I’m getting no answer from our Accounts department. Can I take a message?”

Customer: “Well, have they all died or something?”

Me: “No, I don’t think they’ve died. They are just on lunch”

Customer: “Well that’s not very efficient is it?”

Me (Who, funnily enough, doesn’t control Accounts lunch breaks): “I’ll pass on the message and let them know..”

Customer: “…”

Then just generic call conversation, with her being passive aggressive and patronising.

Not very eventful but it did catch me off guard. I had to laugh when the call ended.

Edit: I called her a rude bitch to my manager after I hung up on her. Not while on the phone. I may hate my job but I need it.

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