We don’t really do that…

It’s a short one but I wanted to share. I started taking calls at my customer ops job recently after working at this credit card company for a couple months and I got this call yesterday.

Me: Thank you for calling [company, department], this is canceltheticket, how can I help you?

Customer: Hi there, do you guys do conceal and carry permits?

Me: uuuh, we’re [company], the credit card company, we don’t really do that…

Customer: Really? You’re number’s on this flyer.

Me: OK, it’s probably a misprint, we don’t advertise with flyers nor do we issue conceal and carry permits.

Customer: Well how ’bout that! You know where I can get one?

Me: I could Google it?

Customer: Nah, that’s alright! Jim’s got a guy! click

Godspeed, Jim.

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