Stressed and anxious-Advice?

Sorry in advance if this seems complainy/ranty, not sure where else to go for this.

I work for a big store and take their calls in-store. Lately the calls have gotten worse as we approach the holiday shopping season. I’ve never worked retail, so some of this is new me.

Lately I’ve felt stressed and anxious with the calls. I’ve worked in a call center for major credit card companies and I’ve dealt with rude/demanding people before with most of my jobs and never felt this way. I don’t know what it is but there’s just something different with these calls. I talk with leaders and they just say, “that’s the job” and walk off. One of my main issues is the minimalistic training and then having calls where people want to talk to employees in certain departments. I radio out to those areas asking if they can take a call and I get either no response or “why are they calling?” response. It’s frustrating because leaders back the sales people and say i should be taking more calls. When I explain that I really only transfer out about 5% of the calls I get daily they disregard it and just stick to saying my job is to deal with people calling and the floor people deal with people in the store spending money. The thing is, the calls I get aren’t just people asking if we’ve got things in stock, it’s people wanting to know how things work, if other things are compatible with what they want to buy and such. And I don’t know the answers, I never worked in those departments and I wasn’t trained on those things. Again, it’s stressing me out, a lot.

Has anyone else been in a similar situation? Any tips to get through this?

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