We need to give you a refund because you couldn’t follow instructions

I had two cases recently that were so similar and both made me facepalm so I thought I’d share!

The first case I had was from a guy who was charged high storage fees. These fees can happen if someone has their stuff in the warehouse for too long and they’re informed well before that in order to avoid the fees, they need to have their stuff removed.

This guy apparently couldn’t do that because he was having an issue. We confirmed that he was having an issue and put in the request to fix it. He wanted those fees refunded and they agreed on the condition that he had his stuff gone by September 21st. The refund would only be given after that and he would need to contact us once it was gone so we could confirm and submit the request.

The issue was resolved by September 10th and he should have been able to get his things out at that time.

He contacted us on October 9th wanting to know where his refund was and saying he still couldn’t remove his items. Then he managed to remove them without issue on October 15th.

He never contacted us near, on, or even immediately after the deadline to let us know there was a problem and instead waited until more than 2 weeks after to reach out to us. At that point, we couldn’t request the refund as we nad no proof that the issue was still existing after September 10th.

Another case was pretty similar. Guy started contacting us in July asking about those fees and different options he had. He had 4 cases, all of them asking basic questions and nothing stating he was having any problem.

Well, he got charged the fees because his stuff wasn’t out in time and opened a case demanding a refund. The refund was denied saying that he had never contacted us about a problem (just basic questions and nothing showing there was any issue) and unless he could provide proof that he was facing an issue, he wasn’t going to get a refund.

He was asked to provide proof 12 times on the case before I got it and finally got permission to give him his final word, telling him that we weren’t changing our mind and to stop contacting us about it. I also gave him all four case numbers from his only cases this year (his only other contacts were from 2017). Along with that I gave him a brief explanation of what the case was about and pointed out that, as he had been told multiple times, that we had not receive any contact saying there was an issue.

Both of these guys reopened the cases, refusing to provide any kind of proof and saying how rude it was to suggest that they were lying. Yes, we’re just supposed to take your word on it and give you hundreds of dollars because you couldn’t follow instructions and get your shit out by a certain date.

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