“I work in insurance, but I don’t understand this basic insurance concept!”

Another great call from the world of pet insurance.

For those that don’t know, pet insurance is legally considered property and casualty insurance. So just like your car insurance, premiums vary based on your location. When someone moves, it can raise or decrease the premium. When this caller moved, her premium increased.

She will be AL, Angry Liar.

We’ve gotten through updating her address and me letting her know the premium increased, I think about $10/month.

AL: I don’t understand! You’re raising the price because I moved?!?

Me: No, not because you moved. The premiums vary by location, so it can go up or down depending on your address. Your new address just happens to have higher premiums.

AL: Well, WHY?!

Me: When you move to an area that has higher vet prices or more claims, the premium is higher.

AL: That doesn’t make any sense. That means I’m being punished for other people having sick pets?!

Me: No, Angry Liar, that’s just how property insurance works. It’s the same with your car insurance.

AL: I work in car insurance! And this makes sure no sense!

(Bullshit meter is blaring)

Me: …well, that is how we calculate premiums.

AL: Well, I work in insurance, and I’ve never heard of something like this! I’m reporting your company to the Department of Insurance! hangs up

Good luck with that, sweetie.

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