Father Christmas gets the blame.

[M] So I work in a contact centre for a rather big sports team where we are mainly a call centre but also have counters/windows where supporters/customers can come to speak with us face to face.

Man comes to the window one day. S is for Supporter, M is for Me.

S: I need you to renew my Membership, apparently it’s not been renewed.

M: Sure thing, can I take your Membership number?

S: No, I want to tell you about it first. I like it to renew automatically every year, and I’ve had no problems with this in the past but this year you haven’t done it, why’s that?

M: If you give be your Membership number I’ll certainly find out for you.

S: It’s 12345678.

I then proceed to look into his account and can see that the reason we weren’t able to take payment is because his card had expired and he would have been sent an email about this in advance of the renewal.

S: I didn’t receive any email, nothing at all.

M: I can only apologise, an email would have definitely been sent to

S: Well that’ll be why I haven’t got it then, I don’t use that email anymore.

M: Yes, that would be why, you’d need to keep us updated with your contact details so we can always reach you if that’s what you want.

S: Well if I have to let you know, and I’ve got to change my card details when they expire, doesn’t that take the “automatic” out of “automatic renewal”?

M: Well, no not really, as you said you’ve never had any issues before because your payment details were up to date so we have always been able to take payment automatically, but unless you update these when your card expires, how are we meant to know what your new details are?

S: I tell you what, you and this company, you make more mistakes than Father Christmas it’s unbelievable!

I ultimately sorted his renewal out, but that line about Father Christmas was one of the most bizarre things any customer has ever come out with and I thought it fit in well here.

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