Caller wants to add under age daughter to his accout.

Hello, crossed post from malicious compliance as I thought you guys here will enjoy it.

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Anyways so I work in a call center as customer support for a credit card company, and I have some pretty good stories but I felt that this one fit here. So I had this guy call in today and he wanted to add an authorized user, ok no worries. Here is how the convo goes, J for me and PCH for caller.

J: hello thank you for calling _____ bank, this is Jax speaking how can I help you? PCH: hi yes I would like to add an other user to my account. J: alright no worries i can do that for you can I get your card number please? PCH: sure it’s XXXXXXXXXXXX1234 J: thank you and I just need to ask you a few questions to verify the account. (PCH verifies the account) J: thank you can I get the name of the person you want to add. PCH: her name is XXXX and her last name is the same as mine. ( mentions its his daughter.) J: thank you and is her phone number and address the same as yours? PCH: yes she lives with me she’s turning 16. (Insert red flag here). J: ok and can I get her date of birth please? PCH: yes October XX 2002 (not going to say exact date but not to far from today [10/02]). J: ok thank you, so im just going to have to check quickly if I can add her as she is not 16 yet, do you mind if I put you on a brief hold? PCH: no worries go ahead do what you have to do. So I put him on hold and asked my manager because her birthday is in a few days but my manager told me no and to have him call back in her birthday. J: hello sir, thank you for holding, so unfortunately I can not add your daughter as she is not yet 16, you will have to call back in her birthday. PCH: Well I want this to be here for her birthday…. Awkward silence… J: unfortunately shes not 16 so I can’t input her into my system. PCH: well what if I say her birthday is October 2nd 2002, will that work? Pause as I try to think my way out of this one. J: it would… PCH: well her birthday is October 2nd 2002. J: ok I will add her and you will get the card in 7-10 business days. PCH: ok thanks. Call over. Now important to note this guy was very friendly and was thankful i could help him out, little does he know how much of an issue this will be later. So when the daughter calls in to activate her new card she will fail verification because we have the wrong date of birth. At this point if the PCH is there he can confirm her date of birth and we will change it, but it will take about 3 busniess days for us to do so, and she can’t activate the card until it is fixed. If the PCH is not there the whole account will be frozen and he will have to wait for us to contact him, and his card will not be able to be used during this time. So if he had just waited for her birthday and got the card sent out that day with the right date of birth on file, and had it fast carded they would have the card early the following week. In case number 1 where PCH is able to verify the date of birth the daughter will have to wait until mid week to be able to activate the card. In case number 2 it may take longer as a full investigation will be done on the account and they will have to wait until we reach out to them, and the PCH card will be blocked too. So in the and the PCH dug himself a big hole, but I did as he asked me to.

TL;DR: PCH lies about daughter age to get her a credit card which will cause issues in the future where if he had waited a few days until her DOB everything would have been fine.

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