What if I threaten to leave?

Recently I started to work for a major telecom as customer support. I like the company because they take zero crap and are willing to call people out on it. This is one of the short stories in my time here.

Me: Obviously me.
DC: Demanding Customer

Me: Hi welcome to Telecom, I am Aelonius, what can I do for you. DC: Hi, so in the store I was told my subscription without phone would cost me around $45 a month, but I see here that I paid $55 for that month. Why?

So this happens sometimes, mostly because the customer has to take action and failed to do so.

Me: Miss, did you activate BonusBundle on your account?
DC: No? I thought I had one!!
Me: Let me verify your data.

Turns out the lady changed plans which made OldBonus obsolete, which she claims our store forgot to tell her. Okay, that happens and sometimes if I feel it benefits them, I can credit them something as a gesture.

Me: Miss, I see here that you shifted from OldBonus to NewBonus but because these terms are not met by your account, it does not apply to you.
DC: God damn it the store told me it would…. Cant you fix this?
Me: Technically no, as it is bound by your plan and not by my control. Let me double check that though.

Before I even could, she dropped the line
DC: What if I threaten to leave

Me: Sure ma’am. I will look what your termination fee is, so I can make that happen. We do not accept threats of leaving to try and conduct business, and if that means we lose you as a customer then that is acceptable by our company.

DC: oh…. Well I think it is bad service!

Me in my head: Tough shit lady, threats dont work and get you zero.

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