How not to get assistance with your issue

I totally suck at reddit posting, so I apologize in advance if this is difficult to read. I just needed to rant about this particular asshole I had to deal with tonight:

I never did find out what he wanted, other than to talk to a supervisor. He wouldn’t tell me his name, and started the call by repeatedly calling me a “scumbag”. I explained I could gladly get him a supervisor if he would tell me his name, to which he replied “Ronald Reagan”… I said “I’m sorry Mr. Reagan, but it appears you’r not authorized on this account, can I get your mobile number?” He didn’t think that was very funny… I finally had to tell him if he wanted to keep trying to insult me, I would have to end the call, to which he stated he didn’t want to talk to “a trained monkey like you”. Mr Reagan was a real charmer, let me tell you! I replied “That’s great sir, I’m going to have to end this call now, but I’ll have my supervisor call you back at her earliest convenience” and then I stayed on the line just long enough to hear him shout “WAIT WAIT WAAAAAIIIIIITTTTT!!!!” before I hung up. It’s so rare that I actually get to hang up on someone within the confines of our company policy, that I took some small satisfaction from it 🙂

My supervisor did call him back around 30 minutes later, and apparently he just acted like an ass to her too… she told him he was clearly very tired and she would call him back tomorrow when he was feeling better and hung up on him as well… She never found out what he was so upset about either lol

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