"It’s a Bin"

Hello again,

During my sentencing as a call centre agent I briefly worked for a retail shop as an outbound cold caller.

The system would automatically call out to customers who have recently purchased an item within the last 30 days. My job was to gather information on the item they purchased and get them to complete a survey with me over them phone.

From the two weeks I spent at this mind numbing job I came away with this little gem.

Me(M): Hello, I’m calling with regards to a product you may have purchased recently from Company

Gem(G): Yes, That would be correct.

M: We’re collecting data from customers to improve the products we sell and we would value your feedback. Can I take a few moments of your time?

G: Sure, why not.

M: Okay, what was the most recent product you purchased from us?

G: An 80ltr Bin.

Internally I’m dying as I can’t believe I’m going to ask a customer to review a bloody bin.

M: on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest how would you rate your satisfaction of this product?

G: Well… It’s a bin. So 10?

M: and the design?

G: Looks like a bin. So 10?

M: If you could change anything about this product what would you change?

G: It’s a bin…

M: Would you recommend this product to any friends or family?

At this point both me and the customer are at our wits end with this review on a bin.


This goes on for a while and almost every question is answered with “its a bin”

M: Thank you for helping us improve our service. Have a nice day.


M: Bye?



Either I broke this person, or he turned into a robot.

But not long after that day I requested to change department and vowed to NEVER do cold calling. That job will seriously mess with your mental health.

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