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So this is a tale about me, and my coworkers.

Until World Cup is over, I’m only able to handle World Cup calls (unless regular queue has like 500 people in line, which is not the case right now.) So, here I am, doing my job, when suddenly, I get a call!

“Hello, this is ME, from US, how can I help you?”

“Hi, this is HIM, also from US, I have a customer here…etc etc”

Awesome. I take the call, and I see it IS international…but not for World Cup. Ok, so I should have verified it was for World Cup, my bad, but also his bad, as he should know better. I transferred the call back into regular queue and almost immediately get another call. Cool!

“Hello, this is ME, from US, how can I help you?”

It was the exact same guy that was transferred over to me the first time (expect cold transferred so speaking directly with customer). Like…wut? So I warm transferred back to the regular queue again, and…

“Hi, this is ME, from US as well, and I have an international call here, but I can only handle World Cup…”

“Well, where is he located? If it’s international, then it’s your call…”

“Uh, not exactly, I can only handle World Cup…”


You gotta be kidding me!!! My superiors say handle the call because our queue isn’t busy, and they’ll let our supervisors know in the morning. So I handle the call like I was in the regular queue.

Five minutes later, still kind of fuming, I get my next call. Turns out it was another agent with another international call (not World Cup). I explained nicely that I can only handle World Cup, and the only thing I can do is the exact same thing they can, so the only difference for the customer is that they have to hold longer. I literally cannot do anything more than they can do (unless, of course, it’s for the World Cup).

Can you tell that I’m frustrated?? Only a few more weeks, lol

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