"Your accent is from the same origin as mine but I still don’t want to talk to you"

A good one from a few weeks ago, all my colleagues had a good laugh while they heard this occurring.

Me: welcome to _______, you’re speaking with polterg3istt how may I help you today?

Cust: no no no I want to speak to an Australian

The customer is clearly also Australian. I am also Australian, I don’t even know my heritage but it’s probably English so I have no traces of a non Australian accent.

Me: well that is no problem I am actually based in Australia. How can I help?

Cust: no you’re not from Australia I don’t want to talk to you.

Now my name isn’t conventional so it does often bring up about whether my parents were from another country, but I do still have a very thick Aussie accent so as this continues I’m getting more confused about how to help this woman.

Me: I can assure you I am in Australia, we do have offshore centres but we still have our main offices in Australia. Are you having trouble understanding me? I can happily put you through to another one of my colleagues if there is an issue with my line.

Cust: no your FOREIGN accent is too hard for me to understand and NO! I do NOT want to speak with anyone else from overseas!

Call ends.

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