Sir…. I am calling you back

Just a quick one, started working at a call centre that does customer services for the local council about a month ago, we do loads of services like bin collections, repairs for the council houses, social services etc, basically everything the local council does, we have a line for it. One of the services I am trained in is highways, and we don’t get a lot of highways calls so there’s not a lot of people trained in it. This Friday just gone, I was the only one in, so when I went on lunch they got someone taking messages for me to call back when I got back. Called a few people back, went smoothly, nothing to worry about.

Until APG (angry pothole guy), the conversation went something like this.

Me- Good afternoon, is this APG?

APG- yes that’s me, who’s this?

Me- it’s radcherrywinter calling from the highways department at the council, it’s just in regards to the potholes you reported on data protection road, I just wanted to make sure we have all the correct details.

APG- oh yes, well you see nothing ever gets done I always call I am always told someone will be out in the next 24 hours blah blah but all they do is put a white line around it!!!! And all you do at your little call centre is listen to us, press a few buttons and it never goes on to anyone !!

He proceeds to carry on like this for a few minutes

Me- I’m sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with the resolution of the potholes on data protection road sir, I can assure you when you called yesterday the highways inspector went out and assessed the potholes, I understand he missed some further down the road, may I ask how deep they are?

APG- oh you always ask this stupid question how deep they are well there’s more risk factors than how deep they are you know! Every time it’s how deep are they and you know I refuse to answer I am telling you they are dangerous

Me- unfortunately while I am able to understand it is a danger over the phone we do have categories and scales we need to put it against, I wouldn’t be able to treat this as urgent based on what you have told me. I understand you can’t go out and measure it but do you think you could fit a tennis ball inside the hole?

APG- no no no I’ve had this stupid question can you fit a tennis ball well it doesn’t matter get someone out now, you know we don’t sit here and call these for our entertainment young lady I actually have a life what do you do all day sit there and twiddle your thumbs? I certainly never hear anything back from you lot!

Me- sir… I am calling you back now, you left a message with my colleague?

Conversation lasted another 10 minutes but his manner totally changed after I reminded him I was actually trying to get more info to help him out.

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