“I want to give you this information that’s not relevant!”

Usual story – chap is unhappy about his electricity invoice. I’ll me be and he will be Grumpy Man (GM)

GM: My bill is too high – it’s must be based on estimated readings.

Me: They are not sir. I can see it’s all based on actual data.

GM: Well I want to give a meter reading then. I don’t believe you’ve been given the correct meter readings!

Me: Sir, you have a meter type known as X – this means our agent remotely receives data every half an hour. As such, we don’t need and could not use your meter readings even if I wanted to. I assure you, your bills are based on accurate information.

GM: Well my meter readings and 1, 2, and 3.

Me: As I said sir, I can’t use this information. If you’d like I can send out an agent to double check the meters working fine?

GM: Yes do that! But I still think you should use my meter readings!

Agent went to the property. Low and behold, his meter is fine and his bills are accurate. He still calls me a liar and thinks his bills are based on made up information. C’est la vie!

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