I just can’t with people (Short)

Ftp not so ltl on mobile too so aye.

Okay so where I work you need to verify name, address, and at times email.

I search up this guy’s account all the while he is screaming at me (he was old and I don’t know if he knew how loud he was being). But I got his name and address and there were a bunch of them with his name and address so I wanted to make sure I had the correct one and asked him to just verify his email with me.

His response: “You know what Hellokittyqueen? You’re a fucking cunt and should be fired.” Then promptly hung up.

Enjoy not getting your subscription tomorrow bitch. Hope you call back and it’s me.

This actually just happened today and I’m still kinda like in a state of shock over it not really mad anymore I just wanna be petty.

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