Will work for food…

Many, many years ago I worked at a chain photography place in the sales/appointment part. The sales team would sell packages to people, and I, along with 5 others, would call people who had already bought the plans to set up the sittings. It was pretty easy, and decent money while going to uni.

Well, there was ths guy who stood on the road in front of the parking lot of our strip mall. I passed him every day, nice guy who held a sign saying, “Will work for food.” We would all try to help him out if we could. One day our office manager invited him in, and as he was in the back with us, the manager offered him a jon. The guy looked around at all of us, sneered, and said, “I make more damn money on the road than any of you will ever see.” And he walked out.

Wrong thing to say, buddy, especially f you want to stay on your corner. From that point on we went out of our way to harass him in any way we could. He eventually gave up and left the corner, and probably found another. That experience happened right before the city did an expose’ on these so-called homeless, and they found these people who would drive to their street corners in nice cars, and go home at night to homes they owned.

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