Old lady is scammed by a fake company, blames my company

I’m a receptionist, but I’m basically the front line of the call center. I work at a non-profit that raises money for a certain disease.

Yesterday, a lady called and was immediately demanding.

Her: do you have higher ups? Me: yes, of course, in all departments. What is this in regards to? Her: I need to talk to someone higher up. Me: ???? Her: do you have a president/ceo? Me: yes, but he’s out of the country. Would you like to talk to his assistant?

I put her on hold and start to call his assistant. I realized I didn’t actually find out what she needs. So I hang up with the assistant and asked the lady. She said she needed the phone number for the “National [disease] Council.” I google it and immediately recognize it at as a scam because I’ve had a few calls months before like this. I asked her if she received something from them. She said yes, and that she won a sweepstake for $10,000 from the council because she donates to us, and can’t get a number to call them. (Why our president was the only one she could get the number from was behind me.) I apologize to her and let her know it is in fact a scam, and we do not do sweepstakes. I tell her the council is fake, and we have zero affiliation with them.

She got even more mad. She started blaming us for being affiliated with them. I tried explaining we are in no way affiliated with them, we just have similar names. She replied “yeah, and that’s your fault for sharing similar names.” I told her it’s a disease, no one owns that name, and anyone can use it in their name. She absolutely refused to agree to this, and said she’ll no longer donate to us, and will tell all her friends the same thing.

I felt bad for her, but just a little.

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