I don’t care if you techs feel its unsafe, I want my internet now

Why do the nutters always call in after a major storm…I work overnight doing multiple roles at my company, as such I always end up with at least one of these kinds of calls every time a major storm system moves through an area…I am dog, and my customer is SI or stupid idiot:

Dog: Thank you for calling ISP, my name is dog, how can I help

SI: My internet is out, and I want an ETA when it will be back up, I am not happy I cant enjoy my night playing Fortnite.

(insert verification, and fun stuff here)

Dog: Unfortunately, as per our pre-recorded message, we are currently excpierncing widespread service issues in your area, and it is not safe for our technicians to be working in this weather. We are monitoring the weather, and as soon as it has cleared, and our technicians feel safe, we will begin restoring services.

SI: I dont care about the weather, your techs should roll in any weather, regardless of whether or not it is safe, now my weekend is ruined because of you.

Dog: Sir, I understand you are upset, unfortunately I do not control the weather, and we are not going to force our employees to work in conditions that they feel are unsafe. again as soon as the roads and weather are safe, we will repair service.

SI:When the hell will the be.

Dog: Unfortunately sir, due to weather, and the DOT being outside of my control, I am unable to provide you with an ETA.

SI: Well you suck at your job, and should look for a new one, because I am going to get you fired for being shit

Dog:Again sir, no one is able to control the weather, I am unable to help you any further, as soon as our techs feel they can safely do their job we will restore your services. Have a great rest of your weekend

SI:You son of a, dont hang up, im not done with you.

Dog: Click.

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