I’m use to escalations. As a supervisor it’s the only calls I take so I can keep my cool and stay professional through all situations, but this call tested me.

Today I had the pleasure of speaking to a Dr. from IL who was upset because she did not want to follow the policies and procedures that she agreed to when siging up.

Here is how the call went.

Me: Hello Dr. _____ my name is (I’m a woman with a mans name) I’m a supervisor here at _____. I understand you would like to speak to me about getting a refund.

Dr: Says my name sarcastically if you are going to lie about your name at least choose a better name mama. What’s your real *#$%ing name?

Me: Ma’am

Dr: It’s Doctor.

Me: I apologize Dr. ___, but my name is __ and I will be more then happy to discuse how we can get you a refund. You will need to send in a letter with a hand written signature asking to cancel your membership. Once we recieve it your refund will be processed.

Dr: I’m not *#$%ing sending in a letter. Give me my money back now.

Me: I have no problem refunding your money($100), but per P&P it requires a hand written signature.

Dr: Listen here “N word” (which I have NEVER been called; let alone in a professional setting before) give me my money now.

Me: Excuse me?

Dr: Your company is shitty and I don’t want to be apart of a company like this.

Me: I understand your frustration, but as soon as we receive the letter I will personally process the refund and call you back to let you it’s been processed.

Dr: That is not acceptable, but I will send it in after I contact my lawyer.

Me: Yes ma’am and I will contact back once its been processed.

Dr: I’m a doctor and you are nothing, but a customer service representative and you should learn your place in life.

Me: silence

Dr: Go *#$% yourself you “C word”

Me: Yes ma’am I will most deffently do that and I hope you have a much better day then you are having now. Hung up on her

I am still so mad. How dare someone think they can talk to another human being like that.

I googled her and she is a doctor… a self help doctor who coaches people on how to better comunicate professionaly. I guess she’s not very good at her job.

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