It finally happened!!

Earlier today, a customer called and I answered. He was having problems with something (if I said what, you could figure out where I worked). So I advised him of ALL the steps to get it fixed. He had to hang up before the last step, as he wasn’t able to do it while on the phone.

A few hours later, guess who rings in again? And guess who got him? Yup! Me. So I asked him what he tried to do to get it fixed, and he never followed my steps. I advised him that it was me who talked to him earlier, and I explained what he needed to do in great detail.

Then he proceeded to backtrack, saying that’s not what the email we sent out said. Yes, I understand that…but either way, I told him what he needed to do. Then he claimed he did a step in getting it fixed days ago. I reminded him he did it on the phone with me. Another backtrack of him doing that step twice, but nope. You can only do it once.

Of course he requested a manager, and that manager went ahead and gave him a coupon. I kind of understand, as there was an error when he tried to fix it, but it was partly buyer error (and completely lied about it, to boot!).

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