The most irritating collector!

I work for very large debt collector, however I work in legal doing lawsuits, but I sit 50 ft. from the call center with no wall in between.

Our call center is a little different in their terms of collection. They sit on the phone for an hour trying to emotionally connect with the person on the other end, to collect payment.

This newer kid sits practically right on top of me, and drives me bananas! He will auto-dial and when they pick up he just yells their name, “Kristina… KRISTINA, am I speaking to KRISTINA!? Oh, are you Kristina’s husband?” Why would you yell a woman’s name if a man answers? He doesn’t seem to keep many people on the line, so he yells multiple different names off every hour.

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There’s a spelling mistake in your jobs section

If you had checked prior to calling we would be be done by now.