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So my coworkers and I relieve the receptionist for their breaks and lunches. We take turns and today it was my turn. This was the first call I took while I sat up there:

Me: (Company), how may I direct your call?

Dummy: Yes, your real estate department, please.

Me: …What?

D: Real estate department.

Me: Sorry, sir, we don’t have a real estate department.

D: Then I need the number to your corporate office!

Me: What is it you are needing exactly?

D: We are selling our hotel and would like to offer your company a chance to buy it.

Me: We don’t buy hotels. We do contract with them as well as other businesses, we are a third party billing company.

D: Well I know you own X hotel and Y inn, so I thought you might like to purchase ours to house your employees.

Me: We don’t own any hotels.

D: Is there a VP available?

Me: No. Not for this. We do not purchase hotels, it would be a conflict of interest and pointless. We are a third party.

D: Who can I talk to about buying my hotel?

Me: If you want a CONTRACT, I can get you to that department, but we are NOT going to buy your hotel.

D: Oh, ok, bye! hangs up

Why on earth does it take that many repetitions for someone to understand the word NO??

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