"I didn’t know if I sat on the phone long enough, it would boot me off!"

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If you have not seen my stories before, I work as a tier 2 tech support rep for an ISP. This was a call back I had made today with an Elderly Woman (EW) about her phone.

Me: intro

EW: Oh my god I am having issues. When I call my friend and they don’t have an answering machine, I’ll sit and let it ring and ring and it always hangs up on me after 15 rings and I want it to stop.

Me: Ma’am, our system automitically hangs up after 15 rings. It is built like that.

EW: But, I don’t want it to do that. I didn’t know if I sat on the phone long enough, it would boot me off! We are elderly people and I want my friend to be able to have enough time to answer the phone and it not kick me off.

Me: EW, I am sorry but there is nothing that we can do. Maybe they aren’t home and that’s why they aren’t answering the phone.

EW: That’s nonsense. My friend would tell me before they left. They tell me everything you know?

Me: I understand, but like I said, our system is built to do that.

EW: I still think it’s nonsense and don’t believe it. I’ll look into other options. Thank you. click

I love my job.

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