Fraud isn’t always taken care of

I used to be a customer service representative for a payday lender. One of my favorite things was catching fraud on documents that are required to send in (dL, ssc, bank statements and pay stubs) there are some subtle cases where it’s hard to find and some were super blatant and easy to catch.

I had a customer call in about his documents and something looked fishy so I went through some of the documents on file for him. It was obviously fraud that someone didn’t catch. I called my TL and had her look at them. She confirmed with me that it was fraud. But because the “customer” had about 22 successful and paid off loans, she told me to let it slide.

There has to be something wrong with that. IMO all fraud if we catch it should be at least denied if it’s caught. I think it’s shady to let it slide. I understand though because they’re getting paid. Doesn’t make it right though

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