Two Stories, or why I didnt work overtime today despite $20/hr incentives

So I work for a government insurance plan. It’s nearing the end of the annual enrollment period.

First story: Lady: I take a diabetes medicine and I want to move to a better option so I won’t have to pay so much out of pocket..

Me: okay, no problem. The plan you have right now is (plan) and the premium is $$. If you switched to the (other plan), your premium will be $$. The diabetes medication will cost the same amount though, but you could have additional coverage if you were to reach the Gap.

Lady: okay. I want to switch to the other plan.

Me: okay. No problem. Let me enroll you into that plan.

So I start the enrollment process and get two questions into the enrollment.

Me: is an insurance agent or representative currently present with you?

Lady: what?

Me: /repeats

Lady: this is so confusing…

Me: I apologise. Is there anyone with you right now?

Lady: you know what. Never mind. This is so confusing. I’ll just deal with what I have now. I dont understand any of this. /hangs up

2nd story

I get a transfer from the commercial side of my company. No problem. But this is an employer government plan. Slight issue, I’m not trained in the employer plans just the regular ones. Depending what the lady wants, I can possibly help.

Lady: I want to know how much (medicine) will cost next year

Cool. I can answer this. The system will give me that info.

Me: alright. I can definitely help. Just allow me oooone moment while I get that price /typing information while I’m speaking so it would only take 15 seconds

Lady: you know what, I’ve been on hold for 30 minutes already. I do not understand why you can’t just tell me. I’m extremely disappointed and dissatisfied with this company. Thank you for wasting my time! / disconnects

Me: stunned silence

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