Rudest customer in 7 years

I work in a call center for a telecom company that only works with businesses, no residential customers. You would think the customers would be more professional, but sadly many are rude, with some bordering on verbally abusive.

A customer called in one day asking about an order he had placed to disconnect the internet service at his convenience store. Some customers are what we refer to as “magic button people,” who believe that we in the call center have the ability to instantly complete their order, and that we quote 8-10 business days for order completion just to be able to charge them more money. In reality, the order is worked at multiple levels and gets put into a queue to be worked in the order in which it was submitted. This can cause delays if there are many orders in process at the same time, but generally things do happen within the quoted time frame.

I’ll preface this by saying that the order had been submitted 8 days prior, so we still had 2 days to complete the order per our policy.

Me: (opening spiel) How can I help you today?

Customer: I am calling about my order. Why it’s not finish yet?

Me: I can certainly check on that for you. May I have your account or order number please?

C: provides info

Me: Yes sir, I see here that your order is on track to be completed within the next 2 days.

C: No, that’s not good enough. You do it now!

Me: Well sir, I would be happy to submit an escalation request for a small fee –

C: NO MORE FEES! You do it NOW!

Me: Sir I understand your frustration, and I apologize for the delay, but this order is still within the standard time frame.

C: You are a c***!

Me: Sir, I am willing to help you resolve this matter, but I ask that you please keep the conversation professional.

C: And I ask that you suck my balls, bitch!

Me: Sir, if you refuse to keep the conversation professional, I will have to terminate the call.

C: How about I terminate you, you fucking slut?! I hope your whole family dies and you have to watch!

Me: Sir, there is no need for obscenities. If you need assistance, I must insist that you be respectful and professional.

C: How about I fuck you in the ass, huh? Is that professional enough for you?!

Me: Sir, I am terminating this call. If you still need assistance, please use our online chat tool, which is available 24/7 –


In my 7 years working in call centers, I have never spoken to someone so rude. The COO of my company actually stopped by my desk later that day to make sure I was OK (my manager was listening the whole time). Apparently our legal team had contacted the customer’s corporate office, and he was immediately fired.

At least there’s some justice in the world.

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