I can’t make a payment today, I died…I got you on the 15th though.

What’s up tfcc, it’s a Friday, it’s the holidays, and things tend to get interesting around this time. I overhear a lot of interesting conversations working in a call center but 2 things happened today that stuck out. We’ve got a couple cs reps who get commission per payment they collect so it’s interesting to see how they deal with people trying to skirt around paying their bills.

1: So she calls a customer about a late payment and get the usual “yeah I’m sorry I couldn’t make the payment but I’ll have it” but then he goes on to say he couldn’t call in the payment because he had died. He came back to life though, but after he came back to life he realized he had a warrant, so he went to jail. He’s now talking on the phone in jail, he can’t figure out if his mom is overdosing or has dementia, and his legs don’t work. But everything’s gonna he okay by the 15th so can we can call him back then. All this for car insurance.

2: One of the women has some pretty creative ways to get payments from people, specifically men. I overheard her today saying “oh Robert you’re a naughty boy…oh that’s naughty Robert.” Followed by a brief pause and then “you know what Robert..these calls are recorded so we can’t get to macking and atttacking on the phone right now but here’s my number gives customer service number we’ll get this payment processed and you can call me later.

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do I guess

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