Obligatory LTL FTP, mobile formatting. Also, I’m female.

I work in a call center that contracts with boutique wineries in Napa. We do marketing campaigns where we reach out to the winery’s customers who have signed up to be contacted and pass along the offers that the winery wants to promote. It’s a totally fun amazing job! But it has its moments…

I was on a campaign for a brand called Cherry Pie Wines (long time ago, we don’t call for them anymore). They make an absolutely delicious collection of Pinot Noirs…but I’ll rant about that on another sub 😛 When we call out, we use a system that allows us to customize our caller ID to be the winery’s name – in this case the caller ID came up “Cherry Pie.” Not “Cherry Pie Wines”. Just “Cherry Pie.”

In this case, me will be ME and Suspicious Wife will be SW.

SW: Hello?

Me: Hi, this is –

SW: Oh I know who you are, CHERRY PIE! Where did you get my husband’s number?! Has he used this escort service before?! I knew my husband was messing around! WHY ARE YOU CALLING MY HUSBAND?! Well you can FORGET him! He’s –

Me: Ma’am I’m calling from Cherry Pie Wines in Napa…

SW: (very long awkward pause)…the one that does the Pinots?

Me: Yes ma’am that’s the one.

SW: Oh…I’ll let him know you called.

Me: Thank you ma’am

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