"Nothing’s wrong with my computer!"

This is my first post here and I am just so happy to have discovered this sub.

I currently work in a call center for an ISP, but we do tech support for several other companies, working with email, internet connectivity, and phone problems. However, we don’t do support (for our company or any client ones) for customer equipment problems. This is important.

Me– obvious, OM: Old Man

Me: “Hi, this is KrazyKhajiitLady with Company’s Tech Support. How may I help you?”

OM: “Yes, I need help because my screen is green.”

Me: “Okay… are you referring to the picture on your computer screen.”

OM: “Yes. I can see images behind it, but it’s like there is a green fog in front of it.”

Me (thinking we don’t support general computer problems, but maybe I can help him fix the display quickly): “Sir, this really isn’t part of my support, but can you navigate to the settings?”

OM does get to Settings after several minutes. He even gets to Control Panel but cannot find Display.

Me: “Hmm… well, have you tried restarting the computer?”

OM: “Already done that.”

Since this really isn’t my problem anyways and I don’t think a simple Display adjustment will fix his issue, I figure I’ll just recommend he go to a repair tech. Bad plan apparently.

Me: “If we cannot get to settings and restarting the computer didn’t help, your best bet would be to take your computer to a repair tech.”

OM: “But there’s nothing wrong with my computer! I don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for a computer tech!”

Me: “Well, the screen is green. That isn’t normal and indicates a problem with your computer and not with your connection, which is what I actually handle.”

He apparently didn’t like my answer because he hung up on me without saying bye.

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