Luxury Item

I work for an Internet, Phone,and Video provider…… customers call in because the bill is too high…looks at account

They have all 3 services (they already have discounts by bundling) , The Fastest Internet teir we offer, and all the channels plus premier tiers and all the movie networks (HBO, Starz Etc..)

Do they not realize this is a “luxury” item/service cable especially. Home phone and at least basic internet are somewhat needed (just the internet would be good) in today’s society. If you want it all you are going to have to pay for it. I don’t control the cost.

It’s like going to a nice restaurant. You can have nice steak and lobster or just a burger….either way you will be fed, the difference is in what you can afford.

Also when a customer says “I don’t watch channels xyz”…. sorry it is already in the set teir. Like going to a buffett….sure they got soup, Salad, and food…. you pay for the meal upfront just because you didn’t eat any salad it was still available regardless.

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"Sir, admitting to planning arson on a recorded line is not a wise move."

TL;DR In a surprising twist of fate, the caller was actually incredibly patient and cooperative.