"Its right on the account"

So today I got a call about trying to enroll under a med d plan. The IVR pulled the account up.

Me: Thank you for calling (Plan), my name is whoruka. May I have the name of whom I’m speaking to?

Caller: Joe Smith.

Now this person was obviously his wife but since I asked “who” and that’s what she said.. policy says I can continue with the call.

Caller: so I’m trying to re-enroll. Can you help me with that??

Me: certainly. Can I just have your Medicare Claim number to verify eligibility please?

Caller: but I don’t know it!!

Me: I understand, but without that information I’m unable to enroll you. You can call back when you have it though!

Caller: I lost my card in the hurricane why can’t you help me!

Now she was in the Irma affected states. But.. still can’t help her.

Me: I’m trying but I need the information on that card to fully enroll you. If you don’t have it, you can always call Medicar–

Caller: It’s on my old account! Why cant you just use that!

Me: I can… but I just need you to verify the numbers

Caller: I. DON’T. KNOW. IT. Just use the account information!!

Me: and I can and will… as soon as you verify it. Again, you can call Medicare to obtain that information.

Caller: starts swearing angrily

Me: I understand and apologize but without that information I’m unable to help you.

Caller: oh go fuck yourself. click

Like damn. I gave you an option. I feel sorry that you lost your card but I can’t do anything without verification.

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