I’d like to help, but I don’t control your mailman.

My second story today for your viewing pleasure. This gem features an elderly man. I’m just describing it instead of writing out the conversation. It’s also a short one. Hope that’s ok.

So this customer wants to know if he can get his bill at a different time of month so he has time to receive it in the mail and mail back the payment. I, per SOP, offer and push the electronic options, because the system is not designed to allot time for a monthly bill to be mailed, received, have the amount mailed back in, processed, and applied to the account.

The most I can do is offer to change the billing date, but explain that I cannot change the overall time table. I direct him to talk to his postal service, per SOP, and that’s basically all I can do, since he did not want electronic options.

Now I understand that the older generation did not grow up with computers, and occasionally have an aversion to them. I did not understand why he demanded to speak to my manager.

I told him there was nothing anyone could do, but he asked twice, so I had no choice.

Ten minutes, an incredulous manager, and a wasted transfer later, I am left to ponder how customers think our scope of power reaches out any further than calculating and sending a bill.

Oh well.

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