Find Jason!

I worked in a bank’s call center for credit cards and debit cards.

We were pretty much tech support for any technical issues (meaning there’s no one else to transfer to), but we could escalate anything we didn’t know and call back.

This woman calls in, let’s call her Rude Lady (RL)

Me : thank you for calling bank, marieelaine03 speaking, how can I help you?

RL : yes can you help with with online program and help me configure my blah blah blah?

Me : Sure I’ll be happy to assist you with that. If you don’t mind, I’ll put you on a very brief hold while I verify the details blah blah blah.

RL : Verify what? You don’t know off hand? How can you expect to help me if you don’t know the program?!

Me : Well ma’am I assure you that you’ve reached the right place and I will be able to help find any information you may need.

RL : NO! How can you help me? Please transfer me to Jason, he helped me with this last month.

Me : unfortunately I do not see any memos on your account by someone named Jason, so i’m not familiar with who that is. Do you know his last name by any chance at all?

RL : no of course not WHY WOULD I? Find Jason.

Me : unfortunately this is a call center with many employees and offices, without a last name or memos on file I don’t have the ability to find out who you spoke to. .. And there’s no Jason at my location. I assure you I’ll be able to obtain all the information you may need though.

RL : this is absolutely ridiculous you find Jason and get him on the line. You’ can’t help me!

note: we literally have over 3 seperate call centers. And hundreds and hundreds of reps. I decide to put her on hold and call each of our offices to see if they know a Jason. Figured what the hell I’ll do 3 quicks calls, tell her I wasn’t successful and show I tried.

I call our biggest call center in another city. A guy answers.

Other Rep : thank you for calling bank, Jason speaking, how can I help you?

Me : total shock Hi this is marieelaine03 from city…your name is Jason? Hah well what a coincidence, I have a caller actually asking for a Jason…can you check this account number and see if you’ve spoken to this client before?

Jason : haha sure let me check….actually yup I talked to her a few weeks ago to help her set up a program, I remember her.

Me : wow…well I can’t believe my luck…do you mind taking the call?

Jason : not at all transfer her over!

joins both lines

Me : hello ms rude lady? Thank you so much for holding. I’ve actually been able to locate Jason in our city office, he’s on the line and will be able to assist you

RL : Hi Jason ….God you are SO hard to reach!

As I hang up I thought : dammit now she thinks call centers actually do have a hidden way to find employees…shit.

And the kicker is that Jason has the same title and job as me.

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