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Hello! I’ve been working at an inbound call center for Medicare/health insurance for a little under two years now. Before the pandemic I was going to school full time, only worked in the call center part time, and had other activities. Over

Weiner or weiner.

This is a classic. This happened while I worked a 9 month stint at a need-to-pay-bills-while-i-find-something-better gig at a contract call center in the US. It was US satellite TV sales disguised as home phone/internet customer service.

"I’m a key worker!!"

Anyone else getting this phrase thrown at them multiple times a day when they tell the customer something they don't like? Love, unless you work in a pub or restaurant or nonessential shop, everyone's a key worker. As much as I love and

Getting personal….

I moved to a less stressful role within the same company after nearly 2 years in an intense role. Previous role was 95% inbound calls with a focus on AHT (ugh). New role more offline based and taking the odd calls when they come through.

I get all the sht calls

I had an inbound of a lady from NY Whom identified herself all very well No issues then ...but as soon as I adviced her that her leased vehicle is expired She started to yell in my ear demanding that I better fix it and better give her 6