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But what IS math?!?

I’m new to this call-center but not new to call centers. Got a phone call in today, her bill is $75. Her past due is $55 and her current amount due is $20. I am literally bashing my head on the desk trying to explain to her that she cannot

Call Center Dundies 2021

My call center (healthcare, 300+ employees) wants to do a "Red-Carpet Event" for employee recognition for supervisors, seniors, and agents. I'm on the planning team and was wondering if anyone had any cool ideas for award categories, fun

Next week is my last week.

And I'm not going to sugarcoat my words anymore. If someone has a question they can google, I'll tell them that. If they want to know something that's on the website, I'll tell them to look there. If they ask about the price, I'll tell them

“Lispy b**ch”

I work for a certain home and body care company known for our psychotic customers. I’ve been working with this company since October of last year, but I’ve quickly progressed through the ranks and have access to nearly all of our systems