You will get me a supervisor do it now.


So I work for a pretty well-known mortgage company that outsources it’s call-center agents to other pretty well-known mortgage companies. This call just happened and the customer was very belligerent. He was calling in to make a payment with a savings account.

Me: thank you for calling. This company sucks my name is I hate myself may I please get your account number so I can get your account pulled up?

Asshole: do you mean my loan number?

Me: yes, you’re alone, and account number in our system are the exact same thing.

A: no, they really aren’t loan number starts with an L account number starts with an a doesn’t it here let me spell it out for you accounts ACCOUNT loan LOAN they are pretty different aren’t they? notice a difference in spelling?

Me: well, sir, I don’t know what to tell you they are used interchangeably in our system. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

A: it wasn’t a misunderstanding you’re just being stupid, when you say account number, I’m going to be looking for an account number so next time say loan number when I call you.

Me: sure. What’s your account number

He gives me his number

Me: your name and full property address.

Verifies information

A: I just wanna start by telling you that your system is asinine, and your company is asinine, and you are asinine. You’re a company will not let me make a mortgage payment using a savings account because it doesn’t have a routing an account number it just has a slip.

Me: OK, I’m sorry about that while our system is a system in our system behaves have a system behaves if it does not have an account number we cannot make the payment.

A: well that’s fucking ridiculous. I’ve been trying to make my payment for a week now and you guys won’t accept anything that I’m trying to do.

Me: well, I’m sorry to hear that serve but again we will not accept that form of payment. We will need a routing and account number.

A: *spews the numbers at me* take them and make a payment.

Me: our system doesn’t work that way. If you don’t have a routing and an account number I cannot make a payment

A: Get me a supervisor right now since you won’t help me.

Me: I will see if we have someone available.

A: you won’t see if you do, you’ll fucking do your god damn job and get me one.

Me: if you want me to help you, you will not yell at me.

I place the customer on hold before he can respond.

He hangs up shortly after.

I fucking hate people.


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