You gotta stay hydrated!


Now I’m cringing, as you’re well aware I work call center and I activate mobile phones all day. Customer called and she wanted to get a new phone number but our system was down so I had to reach out to tech-support via our chat group system and it was taking much longer than normal. I was just chatting with her while I did this and letting her know that I’m just having to go through extra steps but I’m happy to help her out. The problem arises when she said she’s going to grab another beer and my immediate response was “well, you gotta stay hydrated”! I thought it was funny. She thought it was hilarious. Because I wasn’t commenting on her beverage choice. I just said she needed to stay hydrated. I’m really hoping that my boss won’t think this is inappropriate. He has a really amazing sense of humor, but will definitely hold your feet to the fire. I just wanna make sure that I wasn’t saying anything inappropriate. “Gotta stay hydrated” is very, very vague. I even went on in the conversation to say just so that you know it’s it’s fine that you’re drinking a beer. I just don’t have any comment just because I am at work and the calls are being monitored and recorded.

EDIT::::: I spoke with my supervisor and he was so chill and laughed about it. We both talked about how I have anxiety and constantly rethink and rethink and rethink. He is aware that I worry and YES, going from retail BACK to a call center was jarring and professionalism is paramount here.


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I feel so stupid

Ma’am, I’m just an outsourced minimum wage csa. If you think berating me will give you satisfaction that you took your revenge on company then more power to you, but I’m here to help so let me know how I can help?