You called ME I didn’t call you!


I swear I almost cussed this fucking caller out earlier. This bitch called in about an appeal her employer filed against her ass and I did some research on her account and I saw that the employer did not attend the hearing so the appeal was closed and the employer re-filed an appeal against the caller. So she was calling to see why the employer filed against her. See the thing is I’m used to claimants filing appeals against EMPLOYERS when shit goes wrong so I kept slipping up saying that it was her that filed against the employer (my mistake I will admit.)

But this know it all BITCH has the audacity to talk to me in a condescending tone like I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about like I’m some kind of dumb ass. I explained everything to her correctly I just slipped up because I thought she was the appellant because that’s what I’m used to.

She said: “You work at a job where you should know what you’re talking about none of that is correct what are you saying. They are filing against me because blah blah blah.”

I said: “Ma’am you called US for assistance, not the other way around.It sounds to me that you already know why this employer is filing an appeal against you so you need to attend the hearing and if you feel that I don’t know what I’m talking about then call back so you can speak with someone else.”

I hung up on her. I don’t have time for these fucking people today. I don’t give a fuck if the call gets pulled either.


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Ma’am, I’m just an outsourced minimum wage csa. If you think berating me will give you satisfaction that you took your revenge on company then more power to you, but I’m here to help so let me know how I can help?

It’s not the compliment you think it is.