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I work for a struggling computer company. We have undergone a few years of downsizing such that we no longer occupied the top two floors of the five story building. HQ (opposite coast) decided to sub-lease those floors to save money. The local real estate company found a call center company who sold search program position boosting.

Being a curious group, we investigated the company. WOW, the reviews were brutal (from clients and former employees) and the company had moved the call center every two or three years.

The employees had several breaks during the day where most of the cold call sales people left the building to smoke or get lunch from the taco trucks. This gave us the opportunity to talk to many of them away from management. WOW again, there were some *unusual* employees. We also noted that turnover was very high due to high pressure sales quotas. They were there for a year and a half then vanished. We found out later that one search company discovered their tricks and made it high priority to downgrade their clients. How would you like to be on the receiving end of those calls!


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