Stop asking me to “be honest with you” when you contact me to buy something.


Dude, if the product is shit, do you really think I’m gonna tell you that?

You are contacting a corporate line, I can only tell you what I’ve been autorized to tell you by marketing, which is that our products are the second coming of Christ.

Sure, if you need specifics, that’s what I get paid for. I can look up specs, compatibilities, manuals, legal warranties, etc,etc. but don’t as a dude who gets paid to sell you stuff for their “honest opinion”, they sure as hell won’t risk their jobs (unless they want to, I guess?) for some nobody on the phone.

You want an honest opinion, ask a friend or look it up online, don’t ask the guy on the phone who could lose their jobs if they get too out of script


What do you think?

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