“Purge” Customer daydream?


Anyone else used to daydream during downtime about a company sanctioned purge customer?

The guidelines:
1. Each Rep gets 1 customer per year that they can handle however they wish.
2. No physical appearance insults.
3. A customer has to be marked for Purge by a previous representative.
4. A customer marked for Purge has:
a. Insulted the previous representative at least once during the call.
b. Screamed, cursed, or raised their voice regarding results they don’t like.
c. threatened legal action and falsely claimed to be a lawyer. (Research required.)
d. generally not liked for various reasons.
5. Representatives are to take these calls in the “Purge” cubicle, which is padded & soundproof as to not disturb other representatives.
6. After each Purge is complete, the representative will be provided aftercare of plushies and snacks.
7. The customer’s mental wounds will be assessed, documented for effectiveness, and recorded for posterity. (No treatment will be offered.)
8. Customers must be notified of the possibility of being a Purge customer while on hold to reach a representative.
9. Representatives must be notified if the incoming customer has a Purge mark to allow for that customer to be passed to a representative eligible to purge.
10. No Memaws.


What do you think?

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