Online casinos are making my work life hell


I’m a fraud agent for a major bank and good lord these people who do nothing but play online casinos all day and night are the most insufferable jerks to me. They deposit several hundred dollars over the span of a few minutes with their debit card which unsurprisingly triggers a fraud alert because that fits a pattern of what someone who’s stolen someone’s card information might do.

One lady screamed at me for 20 minutes about how it’s her money and how we have no right to monitor what she’s spending it on. Another guy called me the six-letter f-slur when I told him he had hit his daily maximum spend limit for the day (which was something like $5000) at 4:00 AM and he wouldn’t be able to do any more transactions until midnight. He exploded into a fit of rage, called me that homophobic slur (little did he know I actually am LGBT) and capped it off with “How am I supposed to go that long without playing?

Last night a woman called in tears because the ATM wouldn’t let her withdraw $2500. I could hear the sound of slot machines in the background. Her account was already overdrawn and she pleaded with me, promising she’d deposit a check in the morning to cover the overdraft because she *needed* that money to play tonight. We used to have a frequent caller who spent every weekend gambling away all of the family business’ money on these sites until they shut his account down for fraudulent activity.

Another woman called to find out why her transaction got declined and it turned out she had blown through her entire Social Security check in one night and her rent payment the next day overdrafted her account by several hundred dollars. A different guy cussed out my boss because we had to send an escalation request after even he couldn’t get his next ATM withdrawal approved after this guy had already taken out $6,000 at a casino that evening. When he talked to me he pretentiously listed off all the names of my coworkers he’d talked to earlier and demanded they be disciplined.

It’s really sad how this is affecting so many people and then they call and decide to be shitty to me and my coworkers because we dare to interrupt their gaming. I wish we’d put the number to the problem gambling hotline in our hold music at night.


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